Sheila Holm
International Leadership “Balanced Life” Coach
& Keynote Conference Speaker

Clients: Testimonials

“Hiring Ms. Holm to help me structure my first business was the brightest decision I have made. She taught me how to understand what success demands of me and she trained me how to operate at her level of commitment, while expressing an intense passion for the business to significantly contribute to the community.

Without her coaching, I know I would still be standing squarely in the lackluster mire she found us in; instead of our business now being rated on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). Her coaching techniques were the turning point for our company, and we have catapulted into and experienced fantastic growth — both internally and externally. We anticipated receiving help with business systems; however, her extensive experience in business and her depth of knowledge in corporate structuring has been the key to our success.

As a lifetime athlete, I should have made the connection to what coaching would mean to my business. It has been the “play book,” the two-hour training sessions, the chalk talks before the game, and the champagne after the victories!”

— B. Crousure, President Medical Corporation


“Prior to hearing Sheila speak, I progressed through each week and month, fighting to keep ahead of the bills. Each time the business level plateaued, I went into a panic, and adjusted each section of the business — ie., I would stop ordering products, or reduce the number of technicians or sales staff, or obtain a new or expanded credit line. My business, and my life, were out of balance. Then, when I tried the scheduling and budgeting techniques she described, I immediately noticed an increase of 35% in business, 100% in life.”

— B. R. Tretsven, Owner, Beauty Supply with Salon Services


“We not only gained your level of passion and energy for our business and everyone who contributes to it, we are excited about the many techniques we learned, to search for everyone our business can contribute to, within our community! We also profited significantly from the insights which surfaced, while we were creating our business, marketing and operational plans together. Thanks for believing in us during our periods of doubt, causing us to obtain the ability to create beyond our previous three and five year plans within the first project plan. We have learned to ‘not dig up with doubt, the seeds we planted in faith.’ Thanks for everything!”

— J. Schneider, Vice President, Interior Design Corporation


“My staff had always attended the seminars, while I budgeted and selected the people to attend. However, I did not realize, until the first two hour session with Ms. Holm, I had always delegated the daily assignments at the office and at home, and I let my wife adopt two daughters. We had help at home; I had help at the office, and all of the daily needs were met. However, I did not have a meaningful relationship with anyone, including myself, until I met Ms. Holm. Nothing about my life is the same, since the first moments we met and I heard her speak. I gained an ability to relate personally to the people in my daily life. The results have been amazing, and I will always be grateful.”

— R. Oliver, Executive Vice President, Utility Company


Partial Client List

Small Business (private)

  • Architects
  • Attorneys
  • Consultants
  • Engineers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • General Contractors
  • Physicians
  • Pilots

Corporations (private & public; profit & nonprofit)

  • AVCO
  • Blue Shield
  • Cancer Centers
  • Centers for Learning
  • Chambers: City, Ethnic, US & International
  • Chevron
  • Data Comp USA
  • Digital Electronics
  • Dynamic IT
  • EDS
  • General Dynamics
  • Harbor View Medical
  • Hughes
  • ITG Tech
  • JLG Technologies
  • Lewis Direct, Inc.
  • Lockheed
  • Longport Medical, Inc.
  • Marriott
  • National Pen Corporation
  • Northrop-Grumman
  • Martin Marietta
  • Metal Fabricators
  • People for Trees
  • Prodigy Network
  • Rockwell
  • San Diego Gas & Electric
  • Shaw Group
  • SONY Corporation
  • TraveLodge International, Inc.
  • Trust House Forte, Ltd.
  • TRW
  • United States Post Office

International & National Professional Organizations & Associations

  • ASTD – American Society of Training and Development
  • AWMI – Association of Women in the Metal Industries
  • Chambers – City, Community, Ethnic, United States and International
  • Exec-U-Net – Networking Executives and Businesses in the Marketplace
  • Exec Forum – Executive Forum
  • HSMAI – Hotel Services Management Association International
  • IEC – Industry & Education Council
  • Kiwanis International
  • MMA – Merchants & Manufacturers Association
  • NALC – National Association of Letter Carriers
  • NEA – National Employers Association
  • NIBA – National Insurance Brokers and Agents
  • NESRA – National Employee Services and Recreation Association
  • PNG – Professional Networking Groups
  • Rotary International
  • SBDC – Small Business Development Centers
  • SHRM – Society for Human Resources Management (Past Pres./Director)
  • SSBS – Street Smart Business School and Speed Wealth Seminars
  • WERC – Warehousing Education and Research Council



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