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International Leadership “Balanced Life” Coach
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The November/December issue of Nevada Women Magazine features:
Sheila Holm: Life Coach Shares Game Techniques

Sheila Holm (teaches) people to “Maximize Your Success” by identifying life patterns which positively or negatively impact time, money and resources each day. She is often called, “The Professor of Profitability,” and she is known for her Life Game boards, causing people to “Stake Your Claim,” as quoted in a recent press release (and) featured on MSNBC, KCBS, CNN Industry Watch, and in INC...

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New DVD Released: Stand Firm Against Identity Theft — What You Need to Know NOW

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Identity Theft: A crime that should not exist — Fraud strategy revealed

September — Sheila Holm reveals the truth: Every citizen is vulnerable to ID Theft, a crime that should not exist, and yet, it has become an industry unto itself. She reveals how and why the fraud strategy is still able to exist and become the fastest growing fraud crime in recorded history even though it can easily be stopped. Fifteen years after ID Theft emerged as a fraud scam, Sheila shares the facts based upon personal research and evidence gathered while she was directed to change to a second, third and fourth
SS# within five years, before the first ID theft law was passed in 1998...

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International Business Coach and Keynote Conference Speaker Sheila Holm featured in Los Angeles Conferences, August and September

August — Sheila Holm, Southern California based business coach and keynote conference speaker to be featured in Los Angeles International Conferences for “Global Business Incubation” and “Zero Time.”

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Sheila Holm, International Business Coach

March — Ms. Holm is recognized in industry for her organizational development techniques and was recently asked to be the facilitator for the Fifth Annual Worldwide Leadership Conference at the Disneyland Hotel entitled “Strategies to Excel in a World of Change” with the co-founder of Yahoo!, the co-founder and chairman of Intel, along with Drs. Steven Covey, Tom Peters and Ken Blanchard.

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Client Testimonial:

“Within the first 30minutes of being introduced to Sheila, I scheduled a seminar plus individual coaching sessions for our top 30 department heads and Treasury Department senior staff members. The timing was perfect, as we needed to restructure our policies, procedures and the entire operating plan, within the next 30 days. Sheila Holm provided a clear and practical outline for us to use, to structure our lives, our departments, and our government.”

— T. Fakafanua, Minister of Finance, Kingdom of Tonga