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New DVD Released: Stand Firm Against Identity Theft — What You Need to Know NOW

Millions of lives will be devastated this year by a crime that should not exist — a crime so severe many will lose their home, their car, their job. This crime is identity theft.

Americans think they are protected against identity theft, but they are NOT.

Sheila Holm has prepared the tools to help us stand up and fight against the growing threat of identity theft.

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“100% Life: Balanced Life Game”

Includes the popular topic: “Networking Through Six Degrees of Separation”

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“Seven Step Business Plan”

Includes Sheila’s “One Page Business Plan” form

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“Identity Factor: Closing the Entrance Gates to Identity Theft”

Based on personal experience — what you need to know

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Audio Tapes

Tapes are available of Sheila Holm’s:

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Learn the step-by-step tools and practical application required to “Maximize Your Success” — the invaluable, life-changing topics and techniques covered in this successful keynote address, seminar and workshop are captured in Ms. Holm’s book and tape series, “Stake Your Claim” and “Play The Game.”


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“You helped me to become focused and to prioritize the next steps necessary for me to be successful.”

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