Sheila Holm
International Leadership “Balanced Life” Coach
& Keynote Conference Speaker

About Sheila Holm

Often called, “The Professor of Profitability,” Sheila Holm, international leadership “balanced life coach,” speaker and author, impacts the lives of clients and conference attendees around the world.

Sheila has faced major issues in her personal and business life, especially during the past decade, while she developed her practical approach to life. Her successful coaching techniques and interactive “Balanced Life Game” approach is so effective participants recognize and report immediate, significant improvements in their professional and personal lives. To balance her own time, she says, “I utilize the same game board approach, since we are participants in life or we are spectators, choosing to sit on the sidelines.”

Sheila is featured as a keynote conference speaker, seminar leader, course instructor and coach scheduled by business leaders in international communities. Sheila commits to contributing to each community she is involved in, as she travels around the world, and to impact future generations. This is why she lectures on marketing and operations strategies, industry and employment trends at colleges and universities in each community, as she travels around the country and the globe.

Her proven track record has provided invitations to Europe, the Far East, Africa, Australia, South, Central and North America, the Pacific and Caribbean Islands, The Kingdom of Tonga and her local community.

Sheila was awarded an annual contract from the United States Federal Government to provide her unique course for the Defense industry — the 100% success rate of the program provided automatic annual contract renewals for both the Defense and Aerospace industries.

Sheila also founded and operated a California Corporation, and has further developed and directed both marketing and human resources departments for major corporations such as AVCO, TraveLodge International, and Sony Corporation.

Sheila Holm resides in southern California and is actively engaged in numerous community and charitable activities. She also enjoys oil painting, volleyball, tennis and golf, while her special interest is high-speed car rallies, especially on California mountain routes.

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